General Address


Project Coordinator and Local Manager

name:  Davide Rocchesso (IUAV)    –   email:

Scientific Assistant

name:  Stefano Delle Monache (IUAV)    –   email:

Administrative Assistant

name:  Ilaria Rosa (IUAV)    –   email:

WP1 – Project Coordination

name:  Davide Rocchesso (IUAV)    –   email:

WP2 – Case Studies

name:  Sten Ternström (KTH)    –   email:

WP3 – Phonetic listening and world-event representation

name:  Pétur Helgason (KTH)    –   email:

WP4 – Perception and cognition of vocalizations and expressive gestures

name:  Guillaume Lemaitre (IRCAM)    –   email:

WP5 – Automatic imitation recognition

name:  Geoffroy Peeters (IRCAM)    –   email:

WP6 – Imitation-driven sound synthesis

name:  Stefano Baldan (IUAV)    –   email:

WP7 – Sonic Interaction Design

name:  Patrick Boussard (Genesis)    –   email: