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– May 13, 2017. Le design sonore avec : Nicolas Misdariis et Patrick Susini, chercheurs à l’Ircam, Interview, Paris.

– May 13, 2017. Masterclass : Les sons de demain , avec l’IRCAM (STMS / Équipe Perception et Design Sonores), Paris.

– February 23, 2017. Sonic sketching e prototipazione sonora , workshop, Davide Rocchesso, Conservatorio di Torino.

– January 19, 2017. Sound Design Rendezvous , final open event of the SkAT-VG project, Ircam, Paris.

– January 13, 2017. Timbre perception, sound quality, and sound design , Guillaume Lemaitre at the Berlin Interdisciplinary Workshop on Timbre.

– January 13, 2017. Recent advances in audio description , Keynote speech of Geoffroy Peeters at the Berlin Interdisciplinary Workshop on Timbre.

– November 15, 2016. Common Exploitation Booster , Exploitation Strategy Seminar in Venice. Iuav, Ircam, and Genesis are involved.

– October 4-6, 2016. Patrick Susini keynote speech and two SkAT-VG papers at Audiomostly 2016, Norrköping, Sweden.

– September 30, 2016. Disegnare il suono con un microfono. Iuav researchers at Venetonight , for the European Researchers’ Night.

– September 29-30, 2016. Two SkAT-VG contributions of Iuav researchers at XXI CIM, Cagliari, Italy.

– September 18, 2016. Frédéric Bevilacqua (SkAT-VG researcher) and Ludovic Germain (sound designer, friend of SkAT-VG) talk about sound design at France Inter radio.

– July 29, 2016. Stefano Delle Monache running the workshop Vocal Sketching at Acusmatiq festival in Ancona, Italy.

– July 13, 2016. Davide Rocchesso: Lecture at the Virtual Prototyping Summer School.

– July 6, 2016. Sounding Objects and Sonic Sketches. Davide Rocchesso, seminar at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Palermo, Italy.

– April 28-30, 2016. 48 hours of sound design, Château La Coste. A handful of sound designers sketch the sounds of selected artworks.

– April 16, 2016, 15.00 – 18.00. Symposium in Stockholm. Sten Ternström: How can you imitate something that you have never heard?

– April 15, 2016, 16.00 – 18.00. Open SkAT-VG Lab in Venice. Performance and demonstrations.

– 4 March 2016: Davide Rocchesso, seminar at the European Centre for Living Technology, on Imagining, Sketching, and Prototyping Sound

– February 2016: SkAT-VG in the FET Through the keyhole, the FET Newsletter of the European Commission

– February 2016: Guillaume Lemaitre interviewed on Inside Science

– 14-17 February 2016: Paper+demo on miMic presented at TEI 2016, Eindhoven

– 4-5 February 2016: Davide Rocchesso at the workshop on “Haptics and musical practice”, Zurich University of the Arts for project AHMI

– 20 January 2016: Open symposium at Ircam, Paris: The Skat-VG project: A move to a new sound design tool. Recorded sessions

– 3 January 2016: Guillaume Lemaitre interviewed in Gizmodo

– 10 December 2015: Davide Rocchesso at the launch of videomakARS Venice Ed.

– 1-3 December 2015: Two papers at DAFx 2015 in Trondheim, Norway: Reverberation still in business: Thickening and Propagating micro-textures in physics-based sound modelling; A set of audio features for the morphological description of vocal imitations

– 27 November 2015: Aalborg University Copenhagen, SMC Colloquium by Davide Rocchesso on “Imagining, Sketching and Prototyping Sound”

– 23-27 November 2015: Workshop at Aalborg University Copenhagen, Master in Sound and Music Computing, with researchers from IUAV and KTH

– 3 November 2015: “Combining gestures and vocalizations to imitate sounds” Presented in Grand Ballroom 8 170th ASA Meeting, Jacksonville, Lay abstract of paper 2aSCb3

– 20-22 October 2015: The consortium was @ ICT 2015 Conference & Expo in Lisbon (Portugal)

– 31 July 2015: IUAV presented a poster titled “To “Sketch a Scratch” ” @SMC2015 in Maynooth (Ireland). Check the program:

– 09 July 2015: IUAV presented a paper titled “GROWING THE PRACTICE OF VOCAL SKETCHING” @ICAD 2015 in Graz (Austria) Conference Program

– 07-08 May 2015 Workshop on Vocal Sketching @York University more info here

– 30 January 2015 First Periodic Report Review Meeting @IUAV (Italy): The consortium met in Venice hosted by IUAV for the first Review Meeting.

– 27-29 January 2015 Mo12 Project Meeting @IUAV (Italy): The consortium met in Venice hosted by IUAV for the Project Meeting of Month 12.

– 11 December 2014 @SUPSI (Lugano, CH): Davide Rocchesso gave a lecture on Sonic Interaction Design. Check it out

– 10 December 2014, SkAT-VG open presentation @IRCAM, Paris

– 22-23 October 2014 @Conservatory of Rome (Italy): During the XX CIM 2014 (LINK) a workshop was organized by IUAV on the topic of vocal sketching for future car sound LINK.

– 01-02 October 2014 @Conservatory of Como (Italy): A workshop was organized by IUAV on the topic of sonic sketching for future car sound LINK.

– 07-09 July 2014 PM6 Project Meeting @KTH (Sweden): The consortium met in Stockholm hosted by KTH for the first Project Meeting.

– 16 April 2014 @IUAV/KTH: World Voice Day events organized at IUAV and KTH.

– 24 March 2014 @Padua (Italy): A Workshop was organized by IUAV at Conservatorio statale di Musica “C. Pollini” – Padova.

– 12 March 2014 SkAT-VG Project Coordinator Davide Rocchesso was at FP7 ICT Coordinators’ Day on Project Management and Reporting.

– 16-19 February 2014 @TEI2014: Partners from the project presented a paper at 8th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction in Munich (Germany).

– 23 January 2014 @IRCAM: Project Kickoff Meeting.

– 01 January 2014: SkAT-VG Project officially starts today!