The main educational and research activities of IUAV are focused on the construction and continual trans- formation of the physical environment: from cities and territories, to buildings and objects. Research and teaching intermix in an environment where Master students are involved in prototyping activities, and Doctoral students push the hottest theoretical issues. The Interaction unit, hosted by the Dipartimento di Culture del Progetto and headed by D. Rocchesso, is one of the most active research groups at IUAV. In the area of Sonic Interaction Design, the unit has coordinated a large international research network, the COST Action IC0601 on Sonic Interaction Design. The local coordinator and key researchers have been involved in previous EU projects. D. Rocchesso coordinated the project SOb (the Sounding Object), that developed versatile and efficient physics-based sound models, that could be easily integrated within arte- facts and appliances. In the CLOSED (Closing the Loop Of Sound Evaluation and Design) project, the key researchers provided sound synthesis modules linked to the perceived characteristics of basic sound events. Within SkAT-VG, IUAV is mainly active in research on sound synthesis and sonic interaction design. The Interaction unit takes the responsibility of project coordination (WP1) and leads WP6 on sound synthesis.
Key Staff

Davide Rocchesso (Project Manager) is Associate Professor at IUAV where he teaches media processing and interaction design. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Padova in the field of sound processing, with special focus on physical modelling and spatial processing. Until 2006, Davide Rocchesso led the sound processing group at the University of Verona, where he coordinated the IST-FET project SOb, and he was local coordinator in the IST-FET Coordination Action S2S2 and in the NEST project CLOSED. He was Chair of the COST Action IC0601 on Sonic Interaction Design.

Stefano Delle Monache graduated in law at the Università Cattolica di Milano, and in electronic music and technologies of sound at Conservatorio di Como. In 2007/2008, he received a research grant at University of Verona in the scope of the CLOSED project. He obtained a PhD in design sciences at IUAV, where his research on product sounds is mainly related to the application of design methods and practices, including sketching, to a context of interaction design where auditory feedback is of central importance.

Ilaria Rosa Administrative collaborator

Claudia Meoli Administrative collaborator

Stefano Baldan graduated in Information and Communication Technology at the University of Milan in 2011. During his activity as Ph.D candidate and research assistant he focused his interest on the symbolic representation of musical information, designing and implementing web applications for the advanced fruition of multimedia content using the IEEE 1599 standard. During his visit at Aalborg University Copenhagen he also collaborated to several Sonic Interaction Design projects, including the development of an auditory game for mobile devices based on rhythmic interaction.

Davide Andrea Mauro obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Università degli Studi di Milano in 2012. His primary field of research is into music informatics, related to 3D audio, recording and reproduction techniques, with a specific interest for binaural spatialization. During the Ph.D. program he focused his research in the implementation of real-time spatialization systems combined with head-tracking techniques in order to render an environment coherently with the position of the listener. Former member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music (TC CGM). Served as peer-reviewer for AES, CMMR, ICAD, ICMC, MMM, and SMC conferences.

Alan Del Piccolo graduated in Computer Sciences at the University of Udine in 2014. He is a Ph.D. candidate at Ca’Foscari University of Venice. He is currently focusing on the impact of auditory and haptic feedback on the interaction with 2D surfaces, and on the visual representation of auditory sketches.

Andrea Cera is an Italian electroacoustic composer, sound designer and sound installation artist. Cera graduated in Piano and Music Composition at the Conservatorio Cesare Pollini in Padova (Italy) and studied computer music at IRCAM, in Paris. He has participated to several research projects with IRCAM (Paris), NOTAM (Oslo), Integra Project, InfoMus Research Centre of University of Genoa, Phonotonic (Paris). Since 2009, he has been working with a car manufacturer (Renault) and a research team in sound perception and design (Ircam/SPD), for a series of sound signatures for electric vehicles. Since 2000, Cera has been working with several choreographers including Hervé Robbe at the Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre, Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer, Pascal Montrouge, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. Installation sites included Centre Georges Pompidou, Fresnoy Studio in Lille-Tourcoing, art galleries in Italy and France.